Senior Showcase 2020

The idea of senior showcase this year was not supposed to be about coronavirus or the last two months we’ve spent apart. It was supposed to be about the nearly four years we’ve spent together. It should have represented the reasons these seniors came to DASH in the first place and why they worked as hard as they did while here. 

But this year's show is by no means as cumulative as past years. The difficulty these artists had creating during this time and their lack of work is as relevant as the work they did create.


With that said, it is this documentation of the absence of work that can be seen as a vital component of this year's showcase. This showcase is truly representative of the times we're living, and the influence its had on these young artists and their creative spirits. 

In that light, the showcase is the piece. And students who did not participate had as much impact on this piece as those who did.