Industrial Design

The industrial design program, one-of-a-kind in the nation, focuses on the interaction between products and individuals.


Product design begins with hand drafting and concept drawings. Students are fluent in two-point perspective as it plays an important role in their design process. I.D. students design the surfaces consumers interact with such as watches, phones, shoes, and cars. They commit to hard work on demanding assignments.


Many who complete the DASH I.D. program are offered large or full scholarships to elite design universities such as College for Creative Studies, and go on to work for companies like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Cadillac, and Mercedes Benz.


These students are taught by an accomplished professional designer and earn college credit for their CAD class. DASH I.D. students possess strong line-drawing skills, and are required to meet strict deadlines for large quantities of concept drawings and high-quality final renderings from multiple perspectives.