Entertainment Technology

The DASH Entertainment Technology program teaches the behind-the-camera aspects of the film world including script-writing, story-boarding, working with editing software such as Final Cut Pro, using state-of-the-art equipment, researching career options in the film industry, and submitting work to the festival circuit.


Students work within production companies and have to budget their projects. The DASH film studio was upgraded in 2010 with thirty 27-inch iMacs. Phantom Film Works students have been regularly invited to participate alongside real world projects shot on location in Miami such as the MTV Video Music Awards, Super Bowl Miami, and the major motion picture "Marley and Me." They produce events that incorporate lighting, audio, cinematography, directing, and budgeting.


Their teacher is filmmaker Tom Pike. Every year, DASH senior filmmakers share their best short films, music videos, and animated movies at the Phantom Film Festival in a local theater on the big screen. These students must coordinate their own projects by working independently and collaboratively, and need to develop strong time management skills both in and out of class.